Blown with the wind

Pobierowo, November 2015

.Polish seaside will always have a special place in my heart.. Probably it’s mostly because when I was a child I always spent my holidays in this part of Poland and later I was travelling there with my friends to find a bit of freedom away from our parents protection. Nowadays I identify visiting Baltic Sea with something tranquil and releasing, which clear my mind and give incredible calmness to my soul and heart.

.There where times when I was so busy with work, bounded by the crowded city, missing nature with every cell of my body,  that I was just dreaming about sitting and breathing the seaside air, listening to sound of waves and touching the sand. And these days I try to use every opportunity to have this little childish happiness of just being around.

.I find it honestly interesting how our body tells us when we cross the line of our efficiency and when we forget that we are just humans who need rest and time for charging inner batteries.. that proper nutrition is so important for long well being.. that balanced life is something which prevents form illness and maintains mental health.. that the quite soul is the one which is able to focus and be attentive.. that when we run to become more successful and to multiply our wealth we forget about the reason why we are on earth.. we forget to live.

.happy to breath fresh air and hear calming sound of the sea
.happy to be with a person who makes me smile just by being by my side
.happy to live more peaceful life than before
.happy that wind has blown the cloud away from my head
.happy to experience all this feelings again

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