Buonanotte Travestere!

.Roma, April 2017

.My favorite time for exploring Italian cities is of course evening and night, when there is less people, the temperatures are lower and everything is illuminated by warm light coming from small restaurants open till late hours. Well I said less people but it doesn’t mean it’s easier to find a free table, so to get in to the most popular restaurants you have to queue or book the table in advance.

.We didn’t have any special place chosen, so we were just enjoying a walk along narrow cobbled streets of Travestere which is considered as the oldest part of Rome and the name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, meaning “beyond the Tiber”. After a while we found one place where we decided to sit because it was in more quite area  – Bacco in Travestere. For my surprise after asking about a free table, waiter brought a table from the backroom!

.So we started our first Italian dinner with fried Fiori di Zucca ( zucchini flowers) and Spritz cocktail (which will always remind me Italy after Venice where I tried it for the first time). Next we went for Tagliolini al Pesto e Rucola and Pasta Norma (with aubergine, tomato and ricotta cheese). Simple as almost all italian dishes but tasty and filling .. and because of that we didn’t have place for a dessert, which I wanted to eat so badly!

.After being so many times in Italy I have amazing fondness to this place, and even though there are so many countries which I still haven’t been to I have this inner need to come back at last once for few years and feel this amazing unique atmosphere again.

.I hope next time will be faster than in 2 years!

.Roma Ti amo
.lights of Travestere
.taste of Italian cuisine
.happiness of being back again

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