Città del Vaticano

.Roma, May 2017

.I’m not the religious person so Vatican city it’s more important for me because of its architecture and solemn atmosphere. It’s amazing that in times without computers there were people who were able to design and build constructions like this, considering that right now we use calculators even to count how much is 2+2..

.The entrance to Saint Peter’s Basilica is free but there where quite long queue to the security check. After passing the gates crowds are not reducing and during whole visit we were slowly moving like in an anthill. I think interior of Basilica is making the biggest impression, with those enormous decorated ceilings which I admire the most.

.It was the first time when I climbed on the dome of Basilica and I think it’s the best part of visiting Vatican city. Even the way up to the top is an adventure, with very narrow and sloping passages right above people visiting the church. And the view is breathtaking! (and for sure worth 8 euro which we had to pay before the entrance).

.amazing monumentality
.THE view
.uplifting atmosphere
.crowds everywhere
.sweets sweets sweets!
.and ice cream for brave travelers:)

_MG_0433 [1600x1200]
Piazza San Pietro

_MG_0444 [1600x1200]

_MG_0436 [1600x1200]
Basilica di San Pietro

20170424_133545 [1600x1200]

_MG_0447 [1600x1200]20170424_133353 [1600x1200]
The queue for security check
20170424_133508 [1600x1200]20170424_140721 [1600x1200]

_MG_0451 [1600x1200]

_MG_0454 [1600x1200]
_MG_0448 [1600x1200]_MG_0453 [1600x1200]
_MG_0455 [1600x1200]_MG_0456 [1600x1200]
Interiors of Basilica di San Pietro
_MG_0469 [1600x1200]_MG_0486 [1600x1200]

_MG_0471 [1600x1200]20170424_152622 [1600x1200]
The way up to the dome

20170424_152618 [1600x1200]

20170424_153615 [1600x1200]

20170424_153211 [1600x1200]
The View:)
_MG_0476 [1600x1200]_MG_0478 [1600x1200]_MG_0480 [1600x1200]
_MG_0483 [1600x1200]

_MG_0484 [1600x1200]
_MG_0491 [1600x1200]_MG_0495 [1600x1200]_MG_0500 [1600x1200]
View from Via della Concilazione
_MG_0503 [1600x1200]_MG_0505 [1600x1200]
Ponte San’t Angelo
_MG_0506 [1600x1200]_MG_0511 [1600x1200]
_MG_0514 [1600x1200]
Castel San’t Angelo

_MG_0518 [1600x1200]20170424_172652 [1600x1200]
Due Colonne – restaurant with gluten free pasta!
20170424_182028 [1600x1200]
20170424_225502 [1600x1200]
And finally Ice cream at Gelateria Fassi!


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