Remains of Colosseo

.Roma, April 2017

.Another day in Rome.. and another day full of sightseeing – this time Collosseum and Forum Romanum which is must see in Rome. I was really afraid that we will have to wait in a very long queue (because everyone one around us scared us that we will wait for few hours) but in reality it took 30 minutes to enter the Collosseum without tickets booked in advance.  Inside we bought audio guides as well which were smartphones with app in different languages ( they had Polish as well!) which was really interesting.. I don’t really like tour guides because there is always a big group and you can’t hear anything so this was a decent substitute.

.The remains of Collosseum are amazing but in our opinion maybe it would be better if they were restored so big events could be held there and it would be easier to imagine how it looked before (because now you just see the pile of stones and have to imagine that there was auditorium or special rooms somewhere there). The only question which we were arguing was if it should be restored like it was before or it should gain a new modern glass extension.. But as we all now nobody will restore anything in Collosseum so our discussions were clearly theoretical:)

.After listening about gladiators and history of “stones” we moved to another attraction which was planned for that day – Forum Romanum. Amazing space with more history and more stones;) We decided to just walk around and enjoy the surrounding which took around 2 hours and we still haven’t seen everything… but finally after so much walking we deserved a good meal and even better dessert! (I’m still dreaming about those small tartlets with cream and wild strawberries but I have to wait till the next visit in Italy :( )

.sun, history and stones
.more stones
.italian pines and cicadas
.the priceless happiness of eating cakes:)

20170425_103450 [1600x1200]The queue to Collosseum entrance

20170425_112710 [1600x1200]
Audio guides smartphone

_MG_0540 [1600x1200]_MG_0550 [1600x1200]

_MG_0546 [1600x1200]_MG_0552 [1600x1200]
Stones ;)
IMG_20170425_144421.jpg_MG_0558 [1600x1200]_MG_0553 [1600x1200]_MG_0554 [1600x1200]_MG_0583 [1600x1200]_MG_0588 [1600x1200]
Froum Romanum and more stones
_MG_0585 [1600x1200]_MG_0598 [1600x1200]_MG_0603 [1600x1200]_MG_0600 [1600x1200]_MG_0599 [1600x1200]20170425_134240 [1600x1200]_MG_0604 [1600x1200]_MG_0606 [1600x1200]_MG_0607 [1600x1200]_MG_0617 [1600x1200]_MG_0619 [1600x1200]20170425_143605 [1600x1200]
Finally time for a lunch!
20170425_152207 [1600x1200]
And the best dessert ever! (ok 2 desserts in my case:) )


l’Italia ho nostalgia di te!!


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