Roma by night

.Roma, May 2017

.One of the biggest advantage of travelling is that we can go back to places which we visited in our memories even if we are so busy that we don’t have time for relax. The thought that there is this amazing place somewhere in the world which gave us so much pleasure and happiness.. which shared it’s magical atmosphere.. and will be inside us for really long.

.Once for a while I return to photos which I’ve taken before.. to travel again. And every time I find something different which attracts my attention.. Some details which I didn’t pay attention before.

.So one more time Rome in it’s most beautiful moment.. at night.

.Good night Rome
.My second home Italy
.Night lights
.Unforgettable atmosphere

_MG_0622 [1600x1200]
_MG_0626 [1600x1200]

_MG_0629 [1600x1200]
_MG_0642 [1600x1200]
20170425_211430 [1600x1200]_MG_0652 [1600x1200]_MG_0654 [1600x1200]_MG_0670 [1600x1200]_MG_0663 [1600x1200]_MG_0672 [1600x1200]_MG_0679 [1600x1200]_MG_0685 [1600x1200]_MG_0687 [1600x1200]_MG_0698 [1600x1200]_MG_0693 [1600x1200]_MG_0694 [1600x1200]_MG_0700 [1600x1200]20170425_221337 [1600x1200]20170425_153114 [1600x1200]_MG_0702 [1600x1200]_MG_0705 [1600x1200]


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