Seaside moments

.Pobierowo, May 2017

.Sometimes old photos give so much happiness when discovered! Recently I didn’t have time to keep my site up to date and there are few albums which were waiting for retouching. So you have to imagine my surprise when I found out that I have full folder of seaside photographs which were hidden somewhere deep in my computer and were patiently waiting for their turn.

.What can I say… Never enough of sound of the sea.. never enough of touch of cold sand.. never enough of this magical moment when sun “dives” into water.. never enough of waiting for this moment shared with everyone at the beach..

.One of my dreams is to live in a house at the beach like in American movies.. to sit every day and watch how the sea is changing.. how it’s energy is evolving and how releasing it can be for our souls.. This dream will have to wait a little bit longer so for now I just still moments to keep it alive.

.Never enough

_MG_1061 [1600x1200]_MG_1067 [1600x1200]_MG_1069 [1600x1200]_MG_1106 [1600x1200]_MG_1068 [1600x1200]_MG_1077 [1600x1200]_MG_1078 [1600x1200]_MG_1107 [1600x1200]_MG_1108 [1600x1200]_MG_1104 [1600x1200]_MG_1120 [1600x1200]_MG_1128 [1600x1200]_MG_1124 [1600x1200]




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