Unconditional love

Kraków, July 2016 .I know I don't touch on nothing new, but the love of  little human creatures is totally fresh for me and I'm just beginning to discover all this strange feelings. Few years before I wouldn't even suppose that I will ever have this feelings... that it will ever concern me.. but things change with time and... Continue Reading →


Among the flowers

Szczecin, May 2016 .Again this feeling witch hunts all the time and force to come back and immortalize the  vision which brain created and didn't let go .Again Nina my graceful model always patient and eager to fulfill my visions .Again flowers which I call a gift from the nature - making me stop and smile... Continue Reading →

Happiness of creation

Szczecin, April 2016 .There are things in our life which makes us forget about the whole world and focus just on one thing. Actions sharpening our senses, activating rarely used parts of our brain and absorbing whole collected energy within few hours. But in the same time actions which gives this amazing happiness and feeling of... Continue Reading →

Back in the game

Szczecin, February 2016 .It's amazing how things which we ask for are coming true after a while. Maybe not always in the same form, but in general often we get what we were thinking about. My passion for photography has a really long history but it was never really serious and definitely I would never... Continue Reading →

Powiew lata

Lipiec, 2012 Prędkość 40km/h Zielone szalone twingo Kawałek pola z robakami Letni wianek Indianina Podskoki, obroty, lekki zawrót głowy i słońce w trawie.. model: Ania

Lady in the Garden

Lipiec 2012 Dawno nie robiłam zdjęć, mieszkanie we Wrocławiu powoduje że takie spontaniczne sesje nigdy mi nie wychodzą a w Szczecinie po prostu wybieramy ciuchy i wychodzimy. Kiedy zaczyna świecić słońce, babcia przynosi pachnące kwiaty z ogrodu i aromatyczną rukolę, to znak że musimy przedrzeć się przez chaszcze i powygłupiać się w pomidorach;) Tym razem... Continue Reading →

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