Roma by night

.Roma, May 2017 .One of the biggest advantage of travelling is that we can go back to places which we visited in our memories even if we are so busy that we don't have time for relax. The thought that there is this amazing place somewhere in the world which gave us so much pleasure... Continue Reading →


Beyond the reality in Wałbrzych

Wałbrzych, October 2015 .I repeat my self quite often that there are lots of unexpected things happening all the time in my life. To tell you the truth I actually like this twists in the plot, which most of the time make my life change for 180 degree. Sometimes it's a health problem like my broken leg... Continue Reading →

Unexpected experience of Expo 2015

June 2015, Milano .It couldn't be me if something unexpected didn't happen.. so this trip wasn't an exception. I don't usually travel alone but this time I had to join my friend at Expo Milano and it was quite interesting experience for me. I was a little bit nervous because everything was completely new, but... Continue Reading →

Interior frames of Szczecin Philharmonic

Szczecin, May 2015 .Building of Szczecin Philharmonic was a  big agitation in architecture of this city and for me still it's quite controversial. Strong modern shape which is not harmonized with the surrounding, for sure became a new distinctive sign of Szczecin, but I find it too oppressive from the outside.. The situation is different with the interiors,... Continue Reading →

Her Majesty Vienna

Vienna, October 2014 .After my parents went to Vienna few years ago I remember my mom saying that I will love this city and she was right. Beautiful historic architecture and amazing variety of art and culture venues filled every second of our journey. Because this city is so wealthy and sophisticated I couldn't find... Continue Reading →

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