Mood of the Sea

.Pobierowo, May 2017 .Storms are necessary in nature.. but why we need them in life?


Seaside moments

.Pobierowo, May 2017 .Sometimes old photos give so much happiness when discovered! Recently I didn't have time to keep my site up to date and there are few albums which were waiting for retouching. So you have to imagine my surprise when I found out that I have full folder of seaside photographs which were... Continue Reading →

Let’s start a New Year

.Pobierowo, January 2017 .I think I attach importance to New Year's Eve a lot because it's a moment for thinking everything over and for reconsidering all the goals and plans which we set during previous year. From few years  my resolutions are not about loosing weight or going to gym, but about more intangible issues like changing... Continue Reading →

Night lights of Baltic Sea

.Kołobrzeg/Świnoujście, November 2016 .There are days when there is nothing to say..  When is better to stay silent and wait for better moment.. Is better to curl up, hide and just wait.. Wake up the next day and try to pretend that nothing happened.. that everything is like it was before.. .There are the days... Continue Reading →

The blue of Slano

Slano Grgurici, July 2016 .At different time of our life we are looking for different places and different experiences.. There is a time when we look for busy places, parties, events and company of people, and there is a time when we look for places which are quite, far from busy venues and best when... Continue Reading →

Stormy like the sea

Pobierowo, May 2016 .Storms are something natural in nature and in our life. Most of the time, they are purifying and refreshing, but some of them are so destructive that there is only wreckage  left at the end. Hopefully in my life all the storms ended with the sun rising after... sometimes quicker, sometimes slower,... Continue Reading →

Blown with the wind

Pobierowo, November 2015 .Polish seaside will always have a special place in my heart.. Probably it's mostly because when I was a child I always spent my holidays in this part of Poland and later I was travelling there with my friends to find a bit of freedom away from our parents protection. Nowadays I... Continue Reading →

Seaside stories

Dąbki, November 2014 first breath of seaside air and everything is changing the wind is bringing new feelings heart full of waves moves the body like a boat during stormy day blindness of the night gives uncontrolled shivers alcohol gives the freedom fire burns the past fall rise repeat then wake up do you see... Continue Reading →

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