Bonjour Ladurée!

London, October 2014 .When my sister decided that she will come to join me during my trip to London, I knew that I have to show her this place. Ladurée. A French luxury bakery created in 1862, which sells famous macarons. For everyone who knows my sister there is no surprise why I've chosen this... Continue Reading →


People of Brick Lane Market

London, October 2014 .I forgot how busy and colorful this place can be... Amazing amount of people wandering between food and fashion stalls, searching for favorite flavors, designer accessories or vintage clothes. I love the energy which flows with the crowd, and I really like to be directed by its current which change dramatically just... Continue Reading →

London I’m back

London, October 2014 .Sometimes when we are waiting for something for so long and when finally it's coming true, we are able just to sit and smile like crazy. This happened to me when when I arrived in London 2 weeks ago and it still holds me whenever I think about my journey. After I... Continue Reading →

London Food Phone Mix Part II

My favourite: Busaba Ethai - Shoreditch London GBK Burgers Kitchen - Old Spitalfields Market London Tayyabs - Whitechapel London Exmouth Coffee Company - Whitechapel London Bakchich - Liverpool and of course everything from Brick Lane Market as usual LONDON FOOD PHONE MIX PART I    

London Food Phone Mix Part I

London 2013 I was preparing my collection of food photography for publishing for a while but I never had enough time.  I decided to divide it into whole series of posts which I will be uploading once in a while, because the amount of photos is overwhelming. My obsession started in London and it continues... Continue Reading →

London through mobile phone…

London, October 2012 - January 2013 Maybe they are very bad quality and a little bit blurred but they record some of my memories which I don't want to forget.. Different places, different people, different feelings.. Some of them were taken by inspiration of moment, some of them were planned, some of them are silly... Continue Reading →

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