Hello spring

.March 2017 .I think I like spring the most.. This moment when temperature rises, people start smiling more and nature wakes up from winter sleep.. It is almost like I'm waking up as well to start to live again. .And here it is.. Spring and it's first signs! .Hello sun .Hello nature .Hello energy


Winter details

.Polish Countryside, January 2017 .There are those places which you fall in love from the first sight and I found one more.. Far away from the clamor of the city, neglected and forgotten, there is a beautiful hiding place which reminds me  The Secret Garden book, with wild gardens inhabited by forest animals and plants... Continue Reading →

Perspective of Karkonosze

.Karpacz, August 2016 .Last day of our trip surprised us with much better weather so finally we could admire the view we were waiting for! The trails which we've chosen were quite easy but really picturesque and diverse so I couldn't stop taking photos. Places which were hidden previous day, this time introduced to us in all its... Continue Reading →

Disappointment of Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park, July 2016 .  Krka National Park, located in the south part of Croatia,  is named after the river Krka that it encloses. Main attractions of this park are natural waterfalls, cascades and swamp meadows, which can be seen from special footpaths  prepared for tourists (about 1 hour walk). At the end everyone can bath... Continue Reading →

Treasures of Mljet

Mljet, July 2016 .Islands located along the Croatian coastline characterize with mountainous scenery and with few cities spread in wide intervals. Stony earth allows only small amount of plants to grow there, but despite this inconvenience, greenery is luxuriant and quite diverse. The landscape is predominated with coniferous forests and  maquis shrublands, which has specific smell of... Continue Reading →

Among the flowers

Szczecin, May 2016 .Again this feeling witch hunts all the time and force to come back and immortalize the  vision which brain created and didn't let go .Again Nina my graceful model always patient and eager to fulfill my visions .Again flowers which I call a gift from the nature - making me stop and smile... Continue Reading →

In the middle of nowhere

Biały Kościół, June 2015 .Just few days in the middle of nowhere.. Small old houses, neglected  holiday camp, pouring rain.. but with right people and right attitude it doesn't matter if weather or conditions are bad, only time spent together matters. .It was  a blessing for me, because that time I had lot of work... Continue Reading →

Autumn sun

Wrocław, October 2014 .Sometimes we don't appreciate the sun and it's energy which has so big impact on our lives.. With every day it's becoming colder in Wrocław.. Soon it will be at least -10 and I will dream about London winter when the lowest temperature is -1 and the snow is an infrequent experiance.... Continue Reading →

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