Hello again Budapest!

.Budapest, August 2017 .It was my  second time in Budapest and I think I like this city even more after this visit. And it was a nice change after visiting Eger which was quite neglected and unfriendly.. Budapest welcomed us with busy city life, west style cafes and beautiful monuments. It is amazing how big... Continue Reading →


Roma by night

.Roma, May 2017 .One of the biggest advantage of travelling is that we can go back to places which we visited in our memories even if we are so busy that we don't have time for relax. The thought that there is this amazing place somewhere in the world which gave us so much pleasure... Continue Reading →

Remains of Colosseo

.Roma, April 2017 .Another day in Rome.. and another day full of sightseeing - this time Collosseum and Forum Romanum which is must see in Rome. I was really afraid that we will have to wait in a very long queue (because everyone one around us scared us that we will wait for few hours)... Continue Reading →

Città del Vaticano

.Roma, May 2017 .I'm not the religious person so Vatican city it's more important for me because of its architecture and solemn atmosphere. It's amazing that in times without computers there were people who were able to design and build constructions like this, considering that right now we use calculators even to count how much... Continue Reading →

Buonanotte Travestere!

.Roma, April 2017 .My favorite time for exploring Italian cities is of course evening and night, when there is less people, the temperatures are lower and everything is illuminated by warm light coming from small restaurants open till late hours. Well I said less people but it doesn't mean it's easier to find a free... Continue Reading →

Disappointment of Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park, July 2016 .  Krka National Park, located in the south part of Croatia,  is named after the river Krka that it encloses. Main attractions of this park are natural waterfalls, cascades and swamp meadows, which can be seen from special footpaths  prepared for tourists (about 1 hour walk). At the end everyone can bath... Continue Reading →

Magic of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, July 2016 .For at least four last years I didn't have time for real holidays. There were always some excuses..  of course mainly work, because it's the easiest excuse. I did travel for short time but never really to relax and charge the batteries. However  last year was full of changes and chasing the... Continue Reading →

Stormy like the sea

Pobierowo, May 2016 .Storms are something natural in nature and in our life. Most of the time, they are purifying and refreshing, but some of them are so destructive that there is only wreckage  left at the end. Hopefully in my life all the storms ended with the sun rising after... sometimes quicker, sometimes slower,... Continue Reading →

Her Majesty Vienna

Vienna, October 2014 .After my parents went to Vienna few years ago I remember my mom saying that I will love this city and she was right. Beautiful historic architecture and amazing variety of art and culture venues filled every second of our journey. Because this city is so wealthy and sophisticated I couldn't find... Continue Reading →

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