Taste of Eger

.September 2017, Eger .To tell you the truth this trip was a little bit disappointing for me. After my grandmas stories about Eger and Hungerian baths I was excited to visit this place and explore this part of Hungary.. but at the end only wine was holding me on. .The north part of Hungary is... Continue Reading →


Magic of Solina

.Solina, August 2017 .That was the most amazing end of a crazy day I could wish for. First little hikig, then rafting on the river San and at the end watching sunset from a boat at lake Solina.. Which was so unrealistic with this amazing blurry soft light and calmess of water in the middle... Continue Reading →

Just for one day – Bieszczady

.Bieszczady, August 2017 .I've heard abut Bieszczady a lot before, but I never had a chance to visit this part of Poland.. mostly because of the distance from my home town - its about 10h by car and I don't even want to think how long it would be by train (probably about 20h). .Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Minacious face of Śnieżne Kotły

.Szklarska Poręba, July 2017 .Mountains have moods.. and it's so noticeable when you climb up and everything change around in seconds. One cloud can change the atmosphere from cheery to threatening even though it's not stormy and it's not going to rain.. just the feeling in the air.. .And I like this feeling a lot... Continue Reading →

Seaside moments

.Pobierowo, May 2017 .Sometimes old photos give so much happiness when discovered! Recently I didn't have time to keep my site up to date and there are few albums which were waiting for retouching. So you have to imagine my surprise when I found out that I have full folder of seaside photographs which were... Continue Reading →

Remains of Colosseo

.Roma, April 2017 .Another day in Rome.. and another day full of sightseeing - this time Collosseum and Forum Romanum which is must see in Rome. I was really afraid that we will have to wait in a very long queue (because everyone one around us scared us that we will wait for few hours)... Continue Reading →

Città del Vaticano

.Roma, May 2017 .I'm not the religious person so Vatican city it's more important for me because of its architecture and solemn atmosphere. It's amazing that in times without computers there were people who were able to design and build constructions like this, considering that right now we use calculators even to count how much... Continue Reading →

Hello spring

.March 2017 .I think I like spring the most.. This moment when temperature rises, people start smiling more and nature wakes up from winter sleep.. It is almost like I'm waking up as well to start to live again. .And here it is.. Spring and it's first signs! .Hello sun .Hello nature .Hello energy

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