Finding heaven – Koh Phangan

.Koh Phangan, September 2016 .Our last destination was island Koh Phangan located on the west side of Gulf of Thailand. To get there we had to fly from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani (around 1,5h and 1200Baht+300Baht for luggage - 120+30zł), and than from Surat Thani to the island with a bus+ferry connection (there are... Continue Reading →


To the north of Thailand – Chiang Mai

.Chiang Mai, September 2016 .After 5 days spent in Bangkok we headed towards the north of Thailand - to Chiang Mai using local airlines AirAsia (1h; around 800Baht +300Baht per Luggage - 80+30zł). Right from the first step outside the airplane different atmosphere was noticeable.. more laid back and calm.. and the most important finally... Continue Reading →

Remains of Ayutthaya – Thailand

.Ayutthaya, September 2016 .One hour from Bangkok, far away from clamor of this huge city, there is an old capital of Siam hidden amid developing city of Ayutthaya. Despite of the ancient appearance, Ayutthaya was founded in 1351 and in the last resort destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767, so in truth it is... Continue Reading →

Chinatown -Bangkok

.Bangkok, September 2016 .Bangkok is a really busy city even at night, but Thai people spent their free time after work in totally different way than European. In the old center there are almost no bars or coffee shops open in the evening (only at Khaosan Road but they are really loud and not inviting)... Continue Reading →

First days in Thailand – Bangkok

  .Bangkok, September 2016 .I was writing about dreams coming true some time ago, and I guess I will have to repeat myself again. For quite long time I was observing my friends going for long holidays to Asia, posting amazing photos on Instagram or Facebook.. and I was dreaming about wandering from one country... Continue Reading →

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